Day 1 – Health Activist Writers Month Challenge

As mentioned in my previous post, today I am starting the Health Activist Writers Month Challenge, prompted daily by Here is the first prompt:

Day 1 (April 1) – Getting Started!
 Why you write – tell us a little bit about why you write about your health online and what got you started.
 Why HAWMC? This is our third year of the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge – why did you get involved this year? Are you a newbie to #HAWMC or a veteran?


It might seem easy at first to explain why I write. Writing is an outlet, a form of expression, a means of informing others of my condition and my thoughts surrounding that. When I think about it, though, the reasons behind my writing run much deeper. This blog is informative and an outlet, yes, but it also helps me to feel a connection with others. It feeds my need to feel less alone and to feel important.

When I was acting, I was often asked why I acted. In the end, the reasons behind it were the same as the reasons behind why I volunteer, why got a degree, why I hate so desperately to lose touch with friends, and why I write. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, there is a very strong need for human connection and interaction. I believe at the heart of all my doings is that need to connect–not only to connect others to myself but to connect them with each other, as well. When someone reads my words, perhaps she feels just a little less alone. Or perhaps he understands a bit more what someone he knows is going through. Human connection, sympathy, and understanding feeds my writing and my soul.

Similarly, starting this blog and joining this contest are another means of connecting to the world around me. I have needed inspiration to write, and I have needed to feel like my writing is touching those around me. Joining this challenge meets both of those needs (I hope!)