About SuddenSight

In 2008, my world was turned upside-down when an allergic reaction to a prescription medication sent me into the hospital for 32 days. A rare reaction called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome took 85% of my skin and severely affected my mucous membranes, leaving small scars over my entire body. My skin grew back miraculously, and it’s difficult now to tell it was ever missing. However, the scars left on my eyes are another story.

Scar tissue still covers my right eye, leaving me partially blind. I have seen the world’s foremost eye surgeon affiliated with aftercare for Stevens-Johnson patients, but we are still working toward full sight. Unfortunately, my rheumatoid arthritis has fought our every hope. I’m in my late twenties, and I look mostly normal, live a mostly normal life, but I still feel separate sometimes, and have been treated differently because of my appearance.

This blog a window into the world of an old woman in a young body, and of a young woman in an old body. In the aftermath of life-changing events these are my thoughts and my dreams, written here to show that hope and perseverance are stronger than fear and disability. After all, how can we change the world without trying?

Photo by Molly Belviso


2 thoughts on “About SuddenSight

  1. Hi Suddensight,

    I am writing to seek permission for the The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) to use an image hosted on your blog. We are a not for profit organisation and intend to this image in our publications for educational purposes. Could you please let me know how we can either purchase or acquire permission to this image?

    Kind regards,

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