New Year, New Sight

Happy New Year, readers!

I have some good news, some bad news, and some potentially exciting news….

The Good News: The site will indeed be moving, diversifying, and getting more consistent. I have purchased and am in the process of building the site. The new site will include guest posts, health articles, some of my favorite recipes, and podcast interviews. Plus, of course, my personal blog posts. I had intended to launch a bit sooner, but…

The Bad News: My eyesight has been diminishing in the past few months. The translucent epithelial layer (eye skin) over my left cornea (the one I see out of) has been clouded for a long time. My eye doctor has been saying for some time that my eyesight should be 20/100, but somehow my brain has been compensating to 20/40. Even 20/30 on a good day! Unfortunately, the clouding has finally caught up to me. It started with enlarging my computer screen. Then, I stopped driving at night. About three weeks ago, things shifted pretty quickly for the worse. I’m not driving at all. I can’t do much at all without my scleral lens.

I have surgery scheduled for January 13. My surgeon will be removing the cloudy epithelial cells in the hopes that they will grow back clear. The recovery time is about two weeks with a Prokera – a plastic ring with amniotic membrane strung across it that gets inserted into the eye socket to encourage healing. Fun. Times.

The Potentially Exciting News: I may be a good candidate for ocular stem cell replacement. I will do a more thorough write-up later. For now I will say my Atlanta doctor called me on Christmas Eve to tell me he’s been in touch with the only doctors in the world who are doing this surgery. They are figuring out medical and legal logistical while I’m figuring out how to pay for probably three trips to Milan.

See you on the new site!


One thought on “New Year, New Sight

  1. Hey, I am from India. Its been eleven years since I have been suffering with the same ye condition and steven johnson syndrome. i was just googling when i found your blog. It felt really good to read your story and could relate to it

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